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We help organizations untangle their path.

Founded in 2016 by Bill and Kate Robinson, Further° was built on the belief that deep empathy and purposeful, impact-driven strategy can advance sustainable growth a further degree at a time.

Over the years, we’ve grown from a lean roster to a robust collective, helping established companies across industries and geographies bridge the gap between strategy, design, and execution.

For leaders who see important changes coming, and have the foresight to do something about it, we step in and start by defining the challenge. Because when you’re sure about the problem you’re solving, that first step becomes a lot easier to take. Together, we work to understand and untangle the inner workings of an organization. By doing this, we can be the disruption now—instead of dealing with one later—and lead the way to a more resilient future.

Bill Robinson

Bill is our Principal Business Strategist who has spent the past 20+ years of his career actively focused on developing, supporting and building capacity for design and innovation communities across the United States.

Kate Robinson

Our Principal Design Strategist, Kate, has over a decade of experience facilitating and leading work that ranges from start-up, through non-profit, into enterprise and social entrepreneurship.

Kait Torres-Smith

Kait is a partner at Method & Craft, a design strategy studio focused on helping organizations understand what matters to their customers. She collaborates with Further Degree as a research strategist, working together to keep users central to our client's innovation initiatives.

Dillon Vrosh

As a systems thinker, Dillon is talented at leveraging design to reduce complex problems into simple-to-understand parts. His work spans service design projects based in ethnographic research through to designing full digital user experiences.

Laura Vaughn

Our Business Strategist, Laura, has a decade of experience launching businesses, products and projects for companies ranging from startups to established organizations.

Jenna Weiler

An entrepreneur and Business Strategist, Jenna has experience launching and running small businesses that gives her the ability to see the big picture, as well as execute on the tasks to get us there.

Maggie Henderson

Maggie is a Design Strategist focused on delivering meaningful solutions to complex problems through research and sensemaking. In her years of experience, she's worked on a wide range of projects from service design in start up and non-profit spaces to digital experience design.

John Longchamps

John is the founding partner at Longchamps & Company, a design and innovation consultancy focused on unveiling unique value for stakeholders. He collaborates with Further Degree as an Industrial Design Strategist, and together we leverage his product, engineering, and materials expertise to help our clients envision sustainable futures.

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