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Further° instigates change within organizations that aspire to create a more resilient future.

How do we do new things?

Every organization is perfectly designed for the results it gets. At least that’s how the saying goes. Whether you’re executing a new strategy or responding to an industry-level disruption, change often exists at odds with the most fundamental aspects of your business.

Our people-centered design approach is equipped to develop and articulate the principles, frameworks, and tools for innovative, iterative problem solving. From speedy ‘design sprints’ to large, company-wide initiatives, our work can be scaled up or down to fit your organization’s need for change.

How do we develop a strategy that leads to real impact?

Sound strategy is an organization’s path to a long-term goal—one that accounts for an uncertain future. When placing bets and making hard choices to create a preferable future, the objective is not to create a plan that eliminates risk but one that increases your odds of success.

Further° can make your journey easier by beginning with your strengths in mind. We embrace a proactive mindset and think of all possible ways to put your organization ahead of the curve.

How do we create an environment where people can flourish?

You expect your teams to be creative and innovative, but have you created an environment that empowers these activities? Many organizations are structured to deliver solutions consistently and reliably, so deviating is often directly or indirectly discouraged.

We embrace design thinking as our foundation—a research-driven approach that provides a mindset, framework, and set of tools for problem solving. When wielded well, and when applied equitably, this approach puts people at the heart of all innovation efforts.

How do we decide together?

When you combine complex problems and the opinions of a large group of people, it gets really difficult to agree on what’s good—good for the business, good for the customer, good for the world.

Implicit perspectives, agendas, and goals may misalign with the results we are trying to achieve. We often start by making what’s implicit, explicit. This puts us in a position to create understanding, which always proceeds durable decisions.

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